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Other natural gas suppliers

Supplier: A legal entity with which Énergir directly establishes nominations (ie a natural gas producer, an energy brokerage firm, or an agent).
Other: A person or legal entity that offers strictly consulting services to Énergir clients (ie consultant or brokers).

Responsible natural gas supply

Énergir has set up a natural gas supply initiative.
Énergir customers who make their own purchases of natural gas can also get their supply directly from producers that are eligible for this initiative.


Access Gas Services Inc.

CONTACT Salvatore Curcio

Active Energy Inc.

Approvisionnement Energie Link Inc.

Wayne Burke 514 692-8753

Direct Energy Marketing Limited

Greg Garnsey

Gazbec Inc.

Stephen Sabean

Hudson Energy Canada Corp.

Ouii Energy Inc.

RBC - Marchés des Capitaux

Solutions Nügaz Inc.

Summitt Energy Québec LP

Twin Eagle Resource Management Canada, LLC.

Vaughn Davies

SilverBirch Power Corp.

Dan Quirouette

Other natural gas suppliers

Comsatec Inc.

Delta Energy Services, LLC

DNE Resources

Énergie Futura du Québec

Adel Bashalani


514 839-1758

En-Pro International

Michel Desroches

GCP Énergies inc.

Gigacon Inc.

JMI consultants

Jupiter Energy Advisors Inc.

Leanne Hodgson
Sylvie Tersigni

Konect Management

MPN Capital Markets

Murross Energy Management Ltd

Perimeter Energy Inc.

Regroupement Lafar Inc.

Marcel Laforest
Michel Laurier