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Imagine your career differently

Bring your energy to ours!

At Énergir, we think of human energy differently. Beyond productivity alone, we focus on our employees' well-being, stimulating challenges and solidarity.

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Working as a gas network maintenance technician

At Énergir, outdoing yourself in the field is just another day on the job for our technicians.

Engineering at Énergir

At Énergir, we tackle dozens of engineering challenges every year. Our projects give you the opportunity to explore innovative solutions.

Finance at Énergir

At Énergir, many opportunities lie ahead for our finance teams.

IT at Énergir

Chez Énergir, notre équipe TI est en constante évolution dans son fonctionnement pour répondre au plus proche des besoins d'affaires d'Énergir.


Senior Advisor, Strategic Projects in Innovation and Financial Transformation

Ariza Francy

“Énergir banks on the talent that comes out of diversity! Here, we have the opportunity to bring our expertise to stimulating and ambitious projects. At all levels of the organization, we feel valued for what we know and for our soft skills. Coming from another country, I feel comfortable showing how things are done elsewhere. But above all, I feel very fortunate to be around respectful and collaborative people who allow me to make my small contribution to the corporate objectives.”

Project Manager

Lucas Gaskin

"At the Laurentians business office, we believe that a good way to represent the different work environments is to demonstrate the synergy between the teams that work there. It's the hallmark of our workplace and how we do business on a daily basis."

Executive Director corporate affairs, governance, ethic and corporate secretariat

Denis Deriger

“ What do I love and what motivates me at Énergir? It's its distinctive positioning and culture. It's having the chance to work for an innovative company that is constantly reinventing itself and that allows me to help shape the future of sustainable energy in Quebec and the United States. It's being part of an organization that puts people first, that instills a culture based on respect, collaboration, solidarity and that values ​​thinking and managing differently. What I really love and what motivates me at Énergir is working every day for a company that shares my values.”

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Bring your energy to ours!

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