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Energy efficiency program - Energy audit and implementation

Study and implementation - Major industries

The Feasibility Studies Grant aims to help companies do feasibility studies with a consulting engineering firm in order to evaluate different scenarios to reduce energy consumption. While the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures Grant helps to implement energy efficiency measures identify by feasibility studies.

Who is the grant intended for?

  1. You use natural gas as the principal source of energy for heating the building covered by the project.
  2. You are an Énergir customer or about to become one and you are identified as major industries 1 by Énergir.
  3. You operate in one of the following activity sectors: commercial, institutional, industrial.
  4. Your energy savings will be determined with the help of an engineer member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec working for a registered firm*.
  5. Send the request to participate in Énergir must be submitted before the study is carried out.

Grant - Feasibility study

Get up to 50% off the cost of the study

Énergir financial assistance amounts to 50% of the cost of the study before taxes for a maximum amount of $50,000. 2

Grant - Implementation of energy efficiency measures

Get up to $1/m³ of natural gas saved

Énergir's financial aid is $0.30 to $1 per cubic meter of natural gas saved for the first year following the implementation of an energy efficiency measure. The maximum amount of financial aid is $1,000,000 per account number serviced by natural gas. 2

How to get the grant?

To learn the program's implementation steps and eligibility criterias, consult the Participant's Guide. You will find all the necessary information such as the description and objectives of the program, grant amount, eligibility criteria, implementation steps and forms to complete.

Participant's Guide in force

Previous guides
2018-2020 Guide (for applications submitted between February 1, 2018 and November 4, 2020)
2017 Guide (for applications submitted before February 1, 2018)

You may consult the Participant's guide and, afterwards, contact one of the firms accredited by Énergir who will ensure that all the necessary documents to study your application are forwarded to Énergir.

Registered firm

*What is a registered firm?

Registered firms are firms with one or more engineers specializing in energy efficiency that can support Énergir customers in identifying and implementing energy efficiency projects. Having already carried out energy efficiency projects for Énergir customers, and with access to information about the energy efficiency grants offered, these firms are well placed to guide customers and facilitate their participation in Énergir's energy efficiency grant programs.

Énergir has made a directory of registered firms available to its customers. This directory is meant to be a tool to help customers identify and find contact details of firms that offer energy efficiency services. None of these firms is a subsidiary or partner of Énergir, and making this directory available in no way certifies, attests to, or guarantees the quality of the services offered by these firms.

Consult the list of registered firms
To register your firm, send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Do you want to get more information about the grant?

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  1. A major industries customer meets at least one of the following criteria:
    • Natural gas consumption is above 3,650,000 m3 /year;
    • Distribution rate is D4, D5 or a dual distribution rate;
    • Account is affiliated with a major industries customer. — An affiliated account is an Énergir customer subject to Rate D1 or D3 whose energy supply management is handled by a major industries customer or whose location is the same as a major industries customer. Affiliated companies must be part of the same legal entity as the major industries customer with which they are affiliated. If in doubt, please communicate with your Sales Representative. For Énergir programs offered to major industries customers, click here.
  2. Conditions apply. Measures should be recommended either by a techno-economic feasibility study, or by a relative or any other relevant document signed by a member in good standing of the l'Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec working for a registered firm. Measures whose return on investment period is less than one year are not eligible.
    Measures already covered by our energy efficiency programs should be separate from other energy saving measures, because they are not eligible. Program subject to change without notice. For all the eligibility criteria of the program, see the Participant's Guide.