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Fueling stations

Compressed or liquified natural gas

You travel long distances?

Throughout Québec from north-south or east-west?

You can count on the network of public refuelling stations throughout Québec, Ontario and the United-States. Today there are 10 public CNG or LNG stations strategically located to better serve you, and more are on the drawing board.

You cross into the U.S. or go to Ontario?

CNG and LNG public refuelling stations can be found in abundance in the U.S. and Ontario. Today there are more than a thousand in the U.S. alone.

Your vehicles return to the same point each day?

Time fill

Time fill stations do not need a fuel storage tank. They can refuel an entire vehicle fleet over an 8-12-hour period. This is the ideal solution for drivers who return to the same point each evening. Once their workday is over, they simply connect their vehicle to the dispenser at their regular parking space, without having to line up. This type of station also offers an excellent return on investment since it is less expensive than a fast-fill system.

Fast fill

Fast-fill stations can supply a tank full of CNG as fast as filling a diesel tank at a gas station. They have powerful compressors and a high-pressure fuel storage tank. These are the types of stations that you find along the road.

What is the difference between a CNG and an LNG station?

  • A CNG station can be installed anywhere where there is a public natural gas distribution network.
  • An LNG station can be installed anywhere since the LNG is prepared in a plant and delivered by tanker truck, like gas stations. This type of station needs cryogenic storage tanks since LNG needs to be maintained at -162°C to remain liquid.

CNG refueling station

LNG refueling station

Infolettre mars2018 ebiEBI at the center of a movement of the future

The Berthierville business was one of the NGV pioneers in Québec. Today, it is the leader in Canada, with a comprehensive offering and access to five refuelling stations in the province.

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