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Variable speed hood

Thanks to its control system, a variable-speed hood vents only the air volume required to remove kitchen fumes and grease. Énergir offers a grant for the installation of this system in existing buildings.

Benefits of the variable-speed hood

Reduce your energy consumption

Variable-speed fans - which can be adjusted based on the type of cooking happening beneath them - optimize air exhaust, reducing your energy bill. With the variable flow hood, you could reduce your energy consumption by 35% to 40%.*

Energy efficiency programs - Efficient equipment for businesses

Variable-speed hood grant

Mainly installed in commercial kitchens and restaurants, variable-speed hoods exhaust only the amount of air needed to get rid of water and grease vapours from cooking.

Variable-speed hoods are more efficient than standard hoods, making them ideal for improving your kitchen’s energy efficiency.

Grant for high-efficiency equipment

Get a grant to install a variable-speed hood

Get a fixed amount of $3,350 plus a variable amount of $0.45 per CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the exhaust system.**

Eligible equipment list

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Who is the grant for?
  • Current or future Énergir customers who own or manage restaurant or cafeteria services
  • Existing buildings: The kitchen must have a makeup air system heated by a rooftop unit or a natural gas makeup generator to maintain the pressure balance in the building.
  • New construction: Only units with an air extraction capacity of less than 5,000 CFM are eligible for this grant.
How to get the grant?
  1. See the eligible equipment list and contact one of the authorized distributors/manufacturers.
  2. Fill out the declaration of intent form before installing the hood and send it to [email protected].
  3. Once the unit is installed, fill out and submit forms II and III (financial assistance application and information on the hood and exhaust system) along with the required documentation. 
  4. Énergir will review your file and contact you if necessary. If the project meets the program requirements, Énergir will notify you and issue a cheque.

*Savings may vary.

**Program-specific parameters.

The payment of financial assistance may not be interpreted as a guarantee to the customer as to the quality of the variable-speed hood or control system or ventilation system, nor as to their compliance, performance or safety; that is the responsibility of the manufacturer, seller and installer of the products. Énergir’s financial assistance may not exceed 50% of the actual purchase costs of the variable-speed system. Financial assistance may be adjusted downward if necessary. Process applications are not eligible for this program.

Buildings not covered under the Québec Construction Code, Chapter I.1 – Energy Efficiency of Buildings
Buildings covered under the Québec Construction Code, Chapter I.1 – Energy Efficiency of Buildings that are not required to comply with Clause
Exceptions must be submitted to Énergir for advance approval.

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