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Prizes and awards

Énergir is recognized for its originality, excellence and respect for the environment. A few of the prizes and awards that have been given by or to Énergir over the past few years are described below.

Corporate Knights

Our sustainable development practices have landed us a spot on the Corporate Knights Best 50 Canadian corporate citizens list. Our consistency in sustainable development performance, targets and vision have earned us an enviable position since 2017.

2022-2023 Groupe Entreprises en santé Distinction Awards

Our culture of caring clearly demonstrates our commitment to nurturing our most important resource: our human capital. The well-being and health of our employees has always been one of our priorities. Groupe entreprises en santé recognized our efforts in 2022-2023, awarding Énergir first place in its Distinction Awards for the Large companies – service businesses category.

Champion Achievement at the CRE-Montréal Gala

By installing solar panels on its fleet vehicles to keep auxiliary equipment batteries charged while the vehicle is parked, Énergir aims to eliminate a full life cycle of a battery set over the life of a vehicle. This initiative won the Champion Achievement award at the 2021 Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal (CRE-Montréal) gala.

Finalist, CDPDJ Rights and freedoms prize

In 2020, Énergir revamped its recruitment process with an aim to attract more women to non-traditional occupations and boost their representation. This approach has been recognized by the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) as an innovative way to address systemic discrimination and foster inclusive and socially representative workplaces.

BOMA Best silver certification

In 2020, our head office received BOMA Best silver certification. This certification encompasses the sustainable management of our building, based on 6 key areas: energy, water, waste, emissions and effluents, the indoor environment and the environmental management system.

« À noter que certains de ces prix et distinctions ont été reçus alors qu’Énergir portait le nom de Gaz Métro. »