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What if we imagine energy differently?

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Our energies

We believe diversity is key to the future of energy. This is why Énergir is involved in developing renewable, liquefied and compressed natural gas, solar and wind power and hydroelectricity.

Natural gas

Énergir is the largest gas distributor in Quebec and Vermont.

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Renewable natural gas

Renewable natural gas produced from organic matter.

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Liquefied natural gas

LNG is natural gas that changes from a gaseous to a liquid state.

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Compressed natural gas

CNG is compressed natural gas that can be used as fuel.

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Wind power

Investments in several wind farms in Quebec and Vermont.

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Solar power

Solar farm, energy efficiency programs and other innovative projects.


Hydroelectricity generation through our US subsidiary.

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Cow power

Producing electricity takes an unexpected form in Vermont.

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Bring your energy to ours!

Imagine your career differently

At Énergir, we think of human energy differently. Beyond productivity alone, we focus on our employees' well-being, stimulating challenges and solidarity.

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