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Pricing in Québec

Énergir has adopted a fair and transparent price structure in order to fully support the competitiveness of its industrial customers. The profits of the company are levied exclusively on the added value that it brings, namely the distribution of natural gas


The supply is the natural gas itself, the fuel.

Its price fluctuates according to supply and demand; The adjustment is made monthly.

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The moving of natural gas through pipelines to Quebec. The annual rate is based on the transportation companies' pricing.

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Management of variations in consumption and storage. The annual rate is established based on consumption profiles.

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This is the delivery service of natural gas through the distribution network of Énergir.

Depending on your consumption, a tariff is allotted to you. The distribution price is adjusted annually at the beginning of October. Only this component of your invoice is the basis of Énergir's profit.

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Cap and trade emission allowances system

Fluctuates based on the costs of acquiring the emission rights.

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Conditions of service

The Terms of Service and Tariff apply to all Énergir customers and are approved by the Régie de l'énergie. Among other things, they establish the terms and conditions of the natural gas service offered, the billing and payment terms, the different applicable rates, the respective responsibilities and rights of the client and Énergir.

Conditions of service and Tariff (PDF)

Services by other suppliers

Énergir offers supply, transportation, load-balancing and distribution services. However, other producers, transportation companies or brokers may provide you with supply and load-balancing services. Only Énergir offers distribution services.

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Deposits and payment guarantees

Do you have any questions about Énergir's credit policy and practices for its business clientele? Here are the answers to the main questions you may have about Énergir's credit requirements and the forms of guarantee accepted.

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