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Energy efficiency program - Energy audit and implementation


The program aims to encourage the process of recommissioning existing mechanical systems in buildings in order to reduce annual energy consumption. By realizing the process, you will reduce your annual energy consumption by 10% to 15%. You will be saving while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Get up to $100.00

The financial assistance awarded by Énergir under the recommissioning program is divided into four parts and can reach a total of $100,000. The grant covers 50% of the costs tied to each of the four phases, namely investigation, implementation, transfer and follow-up.*

Want to know if you are eligible for this grant?   Consult the participant's guide


CIBC Tower - Petra Group

When an architectural giant of the sixties needs liftan overhaul, the constraints and costs can add up quickly. But with assistance from , helped by the Énergir Grant for recommissioning building mechanical systems, the CIBC Tower got a new lease on life and obtained LEED certification..

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* To learn all of the eligibility criteria for the grant, consult the Participant's Guide. Grants are awarded for the recommissioning of building mechanical systems under the energy audit and implementation program. Certain conditions apply. The offer is subject to change without prior notice.