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Running well on natural gas

Today's fuel for heavy transportation

Reach a rapidly growing market

More and more trucks that run on natural gas can be seen because of its undeniable advantages – economic and environmental benefits compared with diesel.

And, with the arrival of renewable natural gas on the scene in Québec, truck fleet managers can reduce their GHG emissions even more – and comply with the requirements of the Federal Clean Fuel Regulations .

Did you know that more and more truck fleets around the world are adopting renewable natural gas? Ninety-two percent (92%) of all highway fuel used by natural gas vehicles in California last year was renewable natural gas (RNG).

Opt for renewable natural gas: A thoughtful choice for the environment

Natural gas and renewable natural gas are interchangeable, and both can fuel the same engine. What differentiates them are their origins and their environmental benefits. Natural gas is a fossil energy, while renewable natural gas comes from renewable sources such as organic matter (food, agri-food and agricultural wastes). Driving with RNG means cutting your GHGs by 99.4% compared with diesel. Whether you run on natural gas or on renewable natural gas, you are shrinking your environmental footprint.

Renewable natural gas in Quebec

Énergir is working on raising the profile of the renewable natural gas sector in Quebec. Renewable natural gas is already being injected into our network and it is available for truck fleets that want to contribute to decarbonization.
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Save on consumption costs

Cheaper than diesel, natural gas prices have been competitive and stable for more than 15 years.

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Six myths about natural gas for vehicles (NGV)
And why they are false

The use of natural gas is growing in the transportation sector in Quebec. For several reasons, more and more companies are choosing to convert their fleets – or part of them – to natural gas.

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