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More efficient, that’s the difference

Use energy better to reduce energy consumption along with greenhouse-gas emissions. It saves money, too.

Energy efficiency: a practical way to reduce your energy consumption

In a nutshell, energy efficiency is about using energy better and therefore less of it. There are numerous ways to do that:

  • Use energy-efficient equipment that does the same job as its conventional equivalent but with less energy
  • Improve the building’s thermal envelope
  • Optimize energy use, for example by recovering and converting lost heat
  • Improve building mechanical systems and control sequences
  • Use solar energy to preheat air or water

By reducing your energy consumption, you cut operational costs and shrink your carbon footprint. It's good for your business, your image, and the real world.

A winning approach to energy efficiency projects

Consuming better is great, but how do you put that fundamental principle of energy efficiency into practice as efficiently as possible? This article explains it.

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Demonstrated results

We’ve been helping our customers reduce their GHG emissions since 2001. In those 20 years, we’ve been collaborators on more than 141,000 energy-efficiency projects that have kept more than 1.4 million tonnes of GHGs out of the atmosphere. And we’re just getting started—by 2030 we want save another million tonnes of GHGs. See how we’ve helped our customers in our case studies.

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Save with our energy-efficiency programs

Whatever your needs and goals, Énergir has energy-efficiency grants to help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Whether for replacing equipment, renovating, or implementing energy-efficiency measures and practices, we have grants to help you get it done.

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A team of experts by your side

The DATECH Group is a team of seasoned engineers dedicated to optimizing your company’s energy use and energy efficiency while reducing costs. Their services and knowledgeable advice will help you find the best decarbonization strategies.

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Registered firms to support your project

Registered firms help Énergir customers identify and carry out energy-efficiency projects.

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Combine energy efficiency to renewal natural gas

Once your energy-efficiency measures are in place, you can replace the natural gas you’re using with renewable natural gas (RNG).

RNG is 100% renewably sourced energy that reduces your GHG emissions without your needing to change equipment.

By combining energy efficiency with RNG, you can make your decarbonization strategy go farther.

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