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Choosing dual-energy, which combines electricity and natural gas, means taking concrete action that has a positive impact on our planet and on your energy bills.

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What is dual-energy?

Dual-energy is a solution that allows you to use the right energy at the right time and at the best cost, so that you can heat your buildings more efficiently.

Electricity is used as the main energy source (about 70%) and natural gas is used as an auxiliary source during cold weather, when there is peak demand for electricity. It’s a forward-looking solution that ensures you get all the energy you need to heat your building, at the lowest possible cost, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Offer comming soon

Dual-energy electricity and natural gas for the commercial, institutional and multi-unit property sector is set to launch in the fall.

This offer will include generous grants to reduce the cost of purchasing and installing new dual-energy furnaces. You’ll also see recurring savings on your energy bills, thanks to Hydro-Québec’s new small- and medium-power dual-energy rate.


To benefit from these grants, you must wait for their launch before installing your equipment or registering for Hydro-Québec’s new small- and medium-power dual-energy rate.

Who will be eligible?

The dual-energy electricity and natural gas offer will be available to Énergir’s commercial, institutional and multi-unit property customers (20+ units) who use a warm air or hot water central heating system powered by natural gas.

The dual-energy conversion must include the purchase and installation of new equipment leading to the exclusive use of a dual-energy heating system.

New commercial construction may be eligible for the dual-energy offer, under certain conditions.

Interested in dual-energy?

Fill up the form and we will send you an email to inform you about the launch.

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