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Construction Zone

This section of our website is designed for property developers, general contractors and builders. This is where to find the information, tools and resources you need to keep up to date and make your work easier.

Technology solutions

Take advantage of smart, energy-efficient solutions

Natural gas equipment and appliances are true energy-efficient performers, making them an unbeatable choice for your construction projects. Recent technological advances have given manufacturers and engineers the edge to design modern solutions that integrate smoothly into all kinds of projects, from small buildings to big towers. Discover them now under the Building section!


A bonus for your budget

Did you know… Énergir offers a wide range of grants to reduce the costs of your construction project? Discover them now.

Grants for single-family dwellings and condos
Grants for buildings with 4 or more condos
Commercial grants

Your dedicated team

Count on a team dedicated to your success

Énergir has assembled a dedicated team to support your building project from start to finish. Your sales representative is your main contact and will give you all the advice and information you need.

Your dedicated team