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At the heart of our concerns

At Énergir we have the ambition to become a leader in integrating responsible environmental and social practices that influence our corporate culture, business model and governance. We have also the ambition to be part of the solution to fight climate change. Thus, we innovate to accelerate the energy transition and improve the quality of life of our communities, employees, and partners.

Our practices have landed us a spot on the Corporate Knights Best 50 Canadian Corporate Citizens list. Our consistency in sustainable development performance, targets and vision have earned us an enviable position since 2017.

To find out about our ESG commitments see our ESG Policy

List of ESG priority topics

Énergir’s commitment to ESG factors is based on the five following ESG topics:

1. Increasing energy efficiency efforts and the proportion of renewable energy in our networks

We were the first energy company in Québec to implement an energy efficiency program for customers. We have more than 20 energy efficiency solutions specifically designed for our customers, be they residential or big business. Since our program was launched in 2001, these solutions have helped our customers save more than 700 million cubic meters of natural gas, the equivalent of more than twice the consumption of new residential customers.

2. Promoting the prevention of physical and psychological risks at work

Occupational health, safety and wellbeing are at the heart of our corporate strategy. This commitment is part of our sustainable development vision for all our employees, customers, and the communities we serve, as well as our contractors, suppliers and the general public.

3. Ensuring a distinctive employee experience that promotes the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion

We have adopted a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) approach and the actions of recent years have reaffirmed our intentions in terms of DEI, updated our objectives and improved our strategies.

4. Having a positive impact on communities

For many decades, we have supported initiatives that help improve the quality of life of the community where we are located. A Community Investment Policy governs the way we select and manage philanthropic projects that promotes structuring projects and initiatives. We focus on four areas of activity: education, culture, social and community causes, and the environment.

5. Ensuring Énergir's physical and technological (information technilogy/operational technology) robustness and resilience

We wish to optimize and develop our operational models, by ensuring the physical and technological robustness and resilience of our facilities as well as by modernizing its business capacities in order to enable it to achieve its organizational objectives.

Responsible procurement

Procurement of goods and services

We want to comply with the CSA 20400 standard for responsible purchasing by integrating purchasing behaviors in line with our values as well as efficient and responsible purchasing practices that focus on needs planning, effective management costs and adequate coverage of commercial risks.

Versprofiles : an inspiring case
Versaprofiles, a manufacturer of natural gas pipelines based in Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse, has been Énergir’s main main supplier of polyethylene lines since 2016. Rather than purchasing these pipelines in Western Canada, which is home to numerous manufacturers, we chose a local and responsible supplier, with positive spin-offs for the community. This greatly simplified the supply chain, saving at least 238,000 kilometres in pipeline-delivery transportation annually (the equivalent of around 198 tonnes of greenhouse gas), reducing costs by 80% and decreasing supply chain waste.

Natural gas supply

In 2017, we initiated a responsible gas procurement process aimed at encouraging the disclosure of credible information and the employment of best ESG practices by producers during their operations. Ultimately, we believe that the use of these best practices by producers who demonstrate sustainable development leadership can indirectly contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the natural gas we distribute.

The process has two goals:

  • buy from specific producers so that our natural gas suppliers are easier to track; and
  • buy from producers who disclose information and have shown they are adopting best ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices.

Approved in November 2019 by the Régie de l’énergie, this process was included in our supply plan. We have completed our first responsible purchases of natural gas from eligible producers who have received EO100 certification™ and have agreed to share some key indicators on their operations.

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Social Responsibility Reports

Discover our climate resiliency report and our sustainability performance covering a broad range of ESG indicators on our Sustainability Performance Tracking Platform.

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