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Energy efficiency program - Efficient construction and renovation

Efficient renovation – Large buildings and greenhouses

The grant aims to promote renovations which enhance the thermal envelope of large buildings (consuming more than 150,000 m3/year and greenhouses.)»

The goal? Improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce energy costs.

Your building consumes less than 150,000 m3/year? Go to the Renovation of small buildings page.

Improve your building’s thermal envelope

Work may include:

  • Replacing windows
  • Improving wall and roof insulation

Insulate your greenhouse

Install thermal screens for greenhouses.

Grant – Efficient renovation

Get $1.00/m3 of natural gas saved

The grant is calculated for the first year following implementation of an eligible measure. Get up to 75% of eligible costs, up to $100,000 per fiscal year.

How to determine your annual natural gas consumption?
  • Existing customers: Check your last bill or log into your Customer Space.
  • Future customers: Contact us for an estimate of your future consumption.
Who the grant is for?

This grant is for current or future Énergir customers1 who:

1. Operate in the commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-unit housing (four or more units) sectors

2. Use natural gas as the main source of energy for heating the building covered by the project and have an annual natural gas consumption of at least 150,000 m³

3. Plan to improve the building envelope. The work involves:

  • Buildings: Insulating the building, replacing the windows, sealing the building (removing air leaks)
  • Greenhouses: Installing thermal screens
How to get the grant?

For buildings:

1. Consult the:

  • Participant’s Guide in effect for complete details, including the performance criteria to be exceeded
  • Guide for Preparation of Energy Savings Evaluation Report, which details the information needed and includes the calculation methods for each type of renovation

2. Select a consulting engineering firm to assist you with your project. The firm must be on the list of registered firms and only an engineer who is a member of Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec will be responsible for determining energy savings. 

3. You or the consulting engineering firm you select will send us all the documents needed to review your application. It must submit your application to Énergir before work begins2.

For greenhouses

1. Consult the:

2. Before starting the work, complete and submit Form I – Declaration of Intent.

3. Carry out the work.

4. After the work has been carried out, complete and submit Form II – After Work, accompanied by supporting documents. For greenhouses that consume less than 150,000 m3, also complete Form IIA – Description of Renovation Work. 

5. Énergir will analyze your file and contact you if necessary. If the project meets the program requirements, Énergir will notify you and issue a cheque

Current Documentation – Large Buildings
Current Documentation – Greenhouses
Previous Documentation

Do you have questions about this program?

Our team is happy to help!

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Renewable natural gas: your decarbonization ally

Once your energy-efficiency measures are in place, you can replace some or all of your natural gas purchases with renewable natural gas.

RNG is 100% renewably sourced energy that rapidly reduces your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without your needing to change equipment.

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1. A contract must be signed with your sales representative, and an Énergir account number must be assigned in order to benefit from the financial assistance offered. 

2. Before starting the work, it is essential that you complete and submit your Declaration of Intent (Form I – Declaration of Intent ) in which you inform Énergir of your intention to participate in the program. The start of work corresponds to the date the first contract covering the renovation project is signed.

The percentage of energy savings is calculated based on the annual reference consumption for heating. Énergir reserves the right to:

  • modify or end the program without notice;
  • interpret the terms and conditions of the program;
  • accept, reject or adjust the energy savings of any measures proposed by customers or other parties;
  • limit the number of projects once the program’s budget has been exhausted.