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We’re all part of the answer for a more sustainable future.

By combining different energies, we work with our partners and customers to get things in place for a more sustainable future.





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Dual energy: when two energies are better than one

Heating with dual energy means using the right energy at the right time at the best cost. Electricity and natural gas working together can reduce peak electricity demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Read the blog post about our partnership with Hydro-Québec

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Renewable natural gas—a system with a future

Through biomethanation, food and agricultural waste can be transformed into energy, renewable natural gas. This product reduces greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil energy and by avoiding methane emissions associated with the disposal of organic waste at landfill sites.

Here’s an article about the City of Quebec’s biomethanation plan

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Efficiency makes all the difference

Using energy better cuts consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It saves money too. And that can do a world of good! Working with Énergir, Lassonde took advantage of energy efficiency programs and grants to improve production.

Read about it here.

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More power from wind: not just hype

Combining energy sources means we can aspire to a sustainable future. By joining forces with a range of partners, Énergir supports the production of renewable energy, such as wind power.

Here’s an article about our projects with Boralex

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Énergir, imagine energy differently