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Energy efficiency program - Energy audit and implementation

Energy management system grant

Implementing a management system allows an organization to continuously improve its energy performance through long-term energy and cost savings. This process is based on behavioral and operational changes at every level of an organization.


This comprehensive process allows for significant energy savings while raising awareness at all levels of an organization about the importance of energy management. It transforms an organization's very culture and minimizes energy waste.

Up to $350,000 in grants

To help you set up an energy management system (EMS), we provide technical and financial support throughout the process, offering grants of up to $350,000. This financial assistance is spread over several key phases of the EMS implementation.

How to get the grant?

Consult the Participant's Guide for the eligibility criteria, the grant calculation method, and the program completion steps. Each step also provides information on the forms to be completed. These forms can be found in the section below.

Participant's Guide


Notice of interest
Request for eligibility (Form I)
Detailed list of eligible costs and requiest for payment (Form II)

Visit the website of Natural Resources Canada to learn more about energy management information systems. You'll find tools that help you plan and implement projects like this.

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