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Working together in local development

Make sure you know where the pipelines are located. This will limit the risk of multiple crossings, ensure better visibility of visual markers, and reduce the number of easements on individual lots, all in all minimizing the risk of problems.

Land use planning near the natural gas transmission network

To protect the integrity of the natural gas network, guarantee the safety of all, and maintain a reliable supply of natural gas, we have published a guide to best practices for land use planning near the natural gas transmission network.

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Request for georeferenced gas network information

Contact our geomatics team for details on how to access our gas network maps.

Note that the information that will be provided does not relieve you of the obligation to contact Info-Excavation. The latter must be contacted prior to carrying out excavation work, so as to locate underground infrastructures in the planned work area.

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Crossing appliations

Certain preventive measures must be observed when carrying out work close to high pressure natural pipelines. Applications must be sent to Énergir for any land disturbance work or movement within the zone protected by easements.

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Assignor awareness program

Some landowners have granted an easement to Énergir to allow the installation and maintenance of our natural gas lines. These owners are known as assigning owners.

Every year, owners are notified about a gas main located on their property and about which activities are prohibited within the area protected by the easement.

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