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General service

Rate D1 is offered to all customers, with no restriction on their consumption.

Tariff eligibility

  • Offered to all
  • No restrictions on level of consumption (no limit, no obligation to consume)
  • Applicable to customers who do not have a sufficient volume to be eligible for other tariffs
  • Advantageous for customers with an irregular or unpredictable consumption profile

The cost of the general distribution service is the sum of two factors

1- The basic fees

  • Constitute the fixed portion of the bill
  • Vary according to annual volume withdrawn
  • Billed per metering equipment according to the number of days in the billing period

2- The unit price by volume withdrawn

  • Variable portion of the bill
  • Billed according to volume withdrawn during the billing period
  • The higher the volume, the lower the unit price.

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