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Distribution refers to the natural gas delivery service through Énergir’s distribution network. Customers are assigned a rate base on their consumption. The distribution price is modified annually, at the beginning of October. Énergir earnings come exclusively from this component of your bill.

Three tariffs adapted to your needs and consumption

General Service Rate D1

Service offered to all, including customers who do not have a sufficient consumption volume to be eligible for other tariffs, with an irregular or unpredictable consumption profile, who do not want restrictions on level of consumption.

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Stable service Rates D3 and D4

Service offered to customers with little variation in the volumes they consume, who consume sufficient natural gas to qualify for this tariff and who are able to estimate their consumption.

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Interruptible service Rate D5

Service offered to customers who agree to having their service interrupted, who have facilities capable of using an energy source other than natural gas, or who can go without natural gas for a certain amount of time, who consumes sufficient natural gas to qualify for this tariff , namely an annual volume of 1,168,000 m 3 .

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