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Energy efficiency program - Energy audit and implementation

Steam trap maintenance

Because of the high pressure in steam systems, the presence of leaks can quickly lead to higher natural gas consumption and added costs to offset lost steam.

Apply today for one or more grants to help you with the annual maintenance of your steam traps. Your savings could be substantial.

The benefits of servicing steam traps annually

Defective steam traps are responsible for a significant portion of steam leakage. It is estimated that between 15% and 25% of steam traps become defective each year. Unfortunately, the leaks are not always visible to the naked eye, but they result in higher natural gas consumption.

By regularly maintaining your system’s steam traps, you can make your equipment more efficient and reduce your natural gas consumption.

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Grant — Steam trap maintenance

Up to $106,700 in grants per maintenance1

The 3 measures to encourage maintenance of steam traps are:

  1. An audit to check the condition of the steam traps on your steam system, followed by replacement and repair of any defective steam traps.
  2. Installation of an automatic monitoring system to continuously monitor the condition of the steam traps.
  3. Installation of removable insulation blankets on steam traps to reduce heat loss without compromising maintenance measures.
Up to 106, 700$ in grants



Maximun grant


1 000 $ to 6 700 $ per audit

100% of eligible costs

Defective steam trap repair or replacement

100 $ to 225 $ per trap

50% of eligible costs up to $100,000/year​

Automatic monitoring system​

Rental: $100 per trap​

Purchase: $550 per trap​

50% of eligible costs

Up to $100,000/year for rental and up to $100,000 for purchase

Thermal insulation​​

150 $ per trap 

50% of eligible costs up to $100,000/year​

Authorized suppliers

To simplify administrative procedures for participating customers, Énergir-authorized suppliers will identify the applicable grants and may deduct them directly from their invoice (e.g., for conducting an audit, selling steam traps, selling parts to repair a steam trap, replacing or repairing a defective steam trap, selling an automatic monitoring system, selling removable insulating blankets for steam traps, etc.).

All authorized suppliers can perform the steam trap audit. Other services vary according to the supplier. Contact the suppliers for more information.

Who are the grants intended for?

This grant is for Énergir’s current or future customers

1. Working in the commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-unit housing (4 or more dwellings) sectors

2. Using steam primarily produced by natural gas (>50%) for process or space heating

3. Using the services of a supplier authorized to deliver the Steam Trap Maintenance Program

How to get grants?
  1. Choose one of Énergir’s authorized suppliers for your project.
    1. Submit an enrolment form to Énergir by completing the Enrolment and Conditions form before the work begins. Email the form to [email protected]
    2. Wait until you receive an email from Énergir confirming that you are eligible.
    3. Depending on the action taken, follow the steps outlined on the Enrolment and Conditions form in the Steps to complete section.
    4. Your supplier deducts the subsidies from their invoice.2

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      After servicing your steam traps, you could also increase the efficiency of your boiler system by installing an economizer, micromodulation system, an combustion oxygen trim or thermal insulation on equipment and accessories.

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      The program may be changed without notice.

      For full eligibility criteria, see the Enrolment and Conditions form.

      1.A client could receive $106,700 in grants for maintaining their steam traps through the following measures:

      • Audit: $6,700
      • Steam trap remplacement or repair: $100,000

      2.The final grant amount is subject to Énergir’s approval.

      The invoice of the authorized supplier performing the work is subject to change if the amount of the grant is revised. An audit by an authorized supplier or an automatic monitoring system is required before you can receive a grant for replacing and/or repairing a defective steam trap.When an automatic monitoring system is used, the discount at source does not apply to the replacement and/or repair of a defective steam trap on the authorized supplier’s invoice.