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Energy efficiency program - Energy audit and implementation

Energy management system grant

Implementing a management system allows an organization to continuously improve its energy performance through long-term energy and cost savings. This process is based on behavioral and operational changes at every level of an organization.

Small changes for ongoing energy savings

This comprehensive process allows for significant energy savings while raising awareness at all levels of an organization about the importance of energy management. It transforms an organization's very culture and minimizes energy waste.

An energy management system allows you to implement small changes that translate into ongoing savings—some 5% per year—while providing a quick return on investment.

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Grant - Energy Management System

Up to $350,000 in grants

To help you set up an energy management system (EMS), we provide technical and financial support throughout the process, offering grants of up to $350,000. This financial assistance is spread over several key phases of the EMS implementation.

Who is this grant for?
  1. Natural gas is the primary energy source used to heat the project building.
  2. You are or will become an Énergir customer.
  3. You work in the commercial, institutional or industrial sector.
  4. You are submitting your grant application to Énergir before implementing the energy management system.
How to get the grant?
  1. Consult the current Participant Guide for detailed information on the program.
  2. Send your completed Notice of Interest form to [email protected]
  3. Submit your duly completed Form I – Request for Admissibility to [email protected] for analysis.
  4. You will receive an admissibility or refusal letter from Énergir.
  5. Complete the work outlined in your application.
  6. Send us your supporting documentation and the Form II - Detailed list of eligible costs and request for payment.
  7. Receive your grant.
Current documentation

Current Participant's Guide


More information

Visit the Natural Resources Canada website to learn more about energy management information systems. You'll find tools that help you plan and implement projects like this.

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Renewal natural gas: your decarbonization ally

Once your energy-efficiency measures are in place, you can replace your natural gas consumption with renewable natural gas.

RNG is 100% renewably sourced energy that reduces your GHG emissions without your needing to change equipment.

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