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Case studies

Several customers have agreed to share their experience with natural gas. See case studies to explore the many benefits of natural gas for Quebec businesses.


Shawinigan Aluminium

To remain profitable in the long term, Shawinigan Aluminium had to reduce its raw material procurement costs and improve the environmental sustainability of its operations. To meet this challenge, it was able to rely on Énergir’s technical and financial support.


Lassonde plant in Saint-Damase

Wanting to improve its processes, the Lassonde plant in Saint-Damase—a major producer of fondue broth, sauces and soups for the North American market—opted for a solution that has improved its energy and environmental performance.

Social housing/healthcare

Maisons des aînés (MDA)

Designed as resident-focused living environments for seniors facing a loss of independence, MDAs must combine comfort, community and environmental sustainability. To that end, designers have implemented ingenious solutions that focus on energy efficiency and GHG reduction.


Buanderie Blanchelle

To improve its production capacity and optimize its energy efficiency, Buanderie Blanchelle, a company specializing in caring for hospital linens, wanted to invest in process equipment that would balance high output with high energy efficiency.

Multi-tenant buildings

Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT)

Learn how CAPREIT has reduced GHG emissions in some of its buildings by 66% through a combination of energy efficiency and decarbonization measures and strategies.


Collège de Lévis

At Collège de Lévis, heating was supplied by boilers from 1970. This equipment, which was not modular and had a capacity greater than the building's actual needs, used up too much energy. Beyond that, the steam system was causing overheating and significant energy loss.



Producing more paper without consuming more energy has always been a concern and value for Cascades, the world's leading pulp and paper company.



When Alcoa's Deschambault aluminum smelter, near Québec City, wanted to improve the ventilation of its casting centre, where liquid aluminum is transformed into ingots, it seized the opportunity to innovate by installing a solar wall that generated energy savings and reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG ) emissions.


Air Transat

In 2015, Air Transat installed a solar wall on its maintenance hangar located near the Montréal-Trudeau airport, thanks to a Solar Preheating Grant under Énergir's Energy Efficiency Program – Renewable Energy. After four winters of use, this solar air preheating device has not only reduced the energy bill, it has also amortized the acquisition cost


CIBC Tower - Petra Group

When an architectural giant of the sixties needs liftan overhaul, the constraints and costs can add up quickly. But with assistance from , helped by the Énergir Grant for recommissioning building mechanical systems, the CIBC Tower got a new lease on life and obtained LEED certification..


Macdonald Campus - McGill

For more than a century, a major part of McGill University's Macdonald Campus has been heated with steam produced on-site and distributed by energy-consuming installations. The time had come for an update, one based on efficiency and energy diversification.


Rose Drummond

Heating greenhouses is no mean feat and costs can quickly skyrocket. An environmentally friendly choice is all well and good, but economic concerns take precedence. In 2012 the price of natural gas became more attractive and commercial programs encouraged the purchase of new equipment. It was time to try something new.


Motorsport 4 Saisons

Motosport 4 Saisons has earned a reputation for top-notch customer service among recreational vehicle enthusiasts. And the move to natural gas heating gave the Trois-Rivières dealer a head start on reduced expenses and increased competitiveness.


Verger Roger Côté

For consumers, apples don't just need to taste good—they need to look good. That's why apple producers take care to wash, brush, polish and dry them before they go to market. For Mario Côté, the results were spotty until the team at his Rougemont orchard started using a dryer powered by natural gas

Social Housing and Health

RI Domaine-du-Roy

Intermediate Resource Domaine-du-Roy, a private halfway house for people with lost autonomy, boasts 52 rooms and an array of state-of-the-art equipment. And it relies on natural gas to make life comfortable for its residents.


City of Québec

Heating large spaces can often involve a great deal of energy loss. When building the Parc Chauveau indoor soccer complex, the goal was clear—ensure efficient heating and ventilation, excellent air quality, and especially a comfortable environment for the players, without overheating them.



The Fleurimont Hospital, now part of CHUS, was built in the 1960s and converted to natural gas in the 80s. At the time, the goal of the conversion was simply to save money and reduce pollution.



Énergir has worked alongside EBI on its biomethane and CNG projects from the very beginning. Moreover, Énergir subsidies helped EBI convert its fleet of vehicles to natural gas.


Traiteur Chez Vic

Traiteur Chez Vic is always hustling in the kitchen to serve nearly 800 customers each day. Since they converted to natural gas equipment, this caterer in Val-d'Or's industrial park has enjoyed a steady, reliable and economical supply of energy.


LeVert Paysage Botanix

The LeVert Paysage Botanix gardening center is strategically located in the Laurentians, a hub for landscaping. A lack of energy options in the region once meant high heating costs for the gardening centre. Now, a new gas network in the region has dramatically reduced costs and simplified operations for the family-run business.

ESA, from the idea to the market

The start-up ESA had an idea: develop a new heat exchanger for heating poultry houses. Impressed by their innovation and the potential energy savings for our natural gas customers, Énergir awarded the project a grant as part of the Innovation Program.


Miel Labonte

Miel Labonté, founded in 1937, has earned a special place in Quebec grocery stores with their appealing displays and quality products. To meet the growing demand for their products, the Victoriaville-based company modernized its production facilities by installing natural gas dryers. The result: a 25% increase in honey processing.



The Society for the Protection of Forests Against Fire (SOPFEU), based in a former terminal at Val-d'Or Airport, has some over-sized heating needs. When their old oil boilers conked out, this Abitibi-Témiscamingue non-profit organization turned to the savings and efficiency afforded by natural gas.


Imperia Hotel and Suites

Éric Paquette and Jean-François Caron decided to join forces to create a homegrown hotel chain that offers business travelers a unique experience. When it came time to build their hotels, they chose natural gas without hesitation. Today they own two properties near Laval, and don't intend to stop there.



Heating a garage is no mean feat. For starters, there's the sheer size, constantly opening and closing doors and the need for good ventilation. At Mécanobec Auto Center in Repentigny, employees used to shiver at work… until the old oil boiler was replaced with a natural gas appliance.


Robert Paquette Autobus et Fils Inc.

Established in 1968 when it was awarded six school contracts, Robert Paquette Autobus et Fils Inc. now operates 140 vehicles and employs 140 qualified people. The company provides services for schools and cities, as well as extracurricular trips and organized groups. When it started looking at a more cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution, the company had faith in its heating contractor's experience and insight.


Fromagerie Boivin

Fromagerie Boivin is a family business founded in 1939 that makes some of Quebecers' favorite cheeses. When the La Baie factory was consumed by flames in 2011, company directors decided to start fresh.

Social Housing and Health

Centre Regain de vie

All non-profit organizations must juggle financial considerations and the Center Regain de vie is no exception. To provide services such as listening, support, a community kitchen, food distribution and free drop-in daycare, they have to think about saving money and being energy efficient, but also well-being and safety.



    The Commission scolaire des Premières-Seigneuries (CSPS) has 74 schools, training centers and administrative buildings in the Québec City region. Over the years, the school board has benefited from Énergir incentives to convert some 20 buildings to natural gas and, as a result, has been saving money since 1990.

    Recreation Facility

    Granby Zoo

    Over 30 years ago, all the pavilions at the Granby Zoo were heated by bulky old
    equipment that ran on heating oil. At the time, Énergir was already offering small
    natural gas units and financial assistance programs.

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