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Case study

EBI, biomethane and compressed natural gas projects

Énergir has worked alongside EBI on its biomethane and CNG projects from the very beginning. Moreover, Énergir subsidies helped EBI convert its fleet of vehicles to natural gas.

EBI received grants of


Annual savings up to

40 %

compare to diesel

One person's trash is another's treasure

Since the early 2000s, EBI has been interested in recovering biomethane from landfills. After a research and development phase that coincided with a hike in the price of diesel in 2008, EBI began the process of renewing its fleet of vehicles in order to switch to compressed natural gas (CNG).

It could thus recuperate biomethane from the decomposition of certain material it transported and disposed of. Once treated, this biomethane becomes natural gas. The result is a renewable fuel that produces less greenhouse gas emissions and generates savings of 40% compared to diesel.

Grants available for your business

Take advantage of Energir grants to add or replace natural gas equipment and reduce your energy costs. In addition to offering a better performance, natural gas is cheaper than electricity and fuel-oil.

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