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Supplement for low-income households

Énergir offers supplementary financial assistance to low-income households of up to double the amount of the usual energy efficiency program grant.

Who is eligible for the program?

  1. You have to be a current or an about-to-be customer of Énergir
  2. You have to be:
    • Low-income owner of a single-family home or condo
    • Owner of a condo, a single-family home or duplex or triplex with one or more low-income tenants
  3. You have to be participating in one of Énergir's energy efficiency grants:
    • Smart thermostat
    • Condensing hot water boiler
    • Condensing combo system
  4. Your family income equal to or below the income threshold shown in the opposite table, or rent one or more units to low-income households eligible for the program.

Owners of four or more units with low-income tenants, as well as NPOs housing cooperatives may benefit from this program. Visit the Business page of the Low-income household supplement program.

Receive an additional grant

By participating in our low-income household program, you can receive up to double the amount usually offered as part of our energy efficiency programs. However, the amount calculated will vary based on your situation.

Are you a low-income owner?

For low-income owners of a single-family home, duplex or triplex, the supplement could double the amount of financial assistance. The supplement is $220 for the smart thermostats.

For example, here is how the supplementary financial assistance is calculated for a low-income owner who is eligible for $900 in financial assistance toward the purchase and installation of a condensing boiler.

Are you an owner with low-income tenants?

The supplementary financial assistance is determined according to the energy efficiency program in which you are participating. It also takes into account the percentage of low-income households in the building. For example, if there are two low-income households in a building with 3 units, the basic financial assistance would be increased by 66%. The supplementary assistance is then shared between the building owner (40% of the supplement) and the low-income households in the building (60% of the supplement)

This is how we would calculate the supplement for an owner who is entitled to financial assistance of $900 for purchasing and installing a condensing boiler if 2 of the 3 dwellings are occupied by low-income households 1

To know more

Read the Participant's Guide carefully for more details about the program. It will give you all the information you need, such as: program description and objective, financial assistance amounts, eligibility criteria, program completion steps and forms to complete 2 .

Participant's Guide

How to get the grant?

An Énergir expert will guide you and answer your questions.

Contact us


1 The calculation presented takes into consideration that all low-income households have agreed to participate in the program and provide proof of income. The supplement amount will be based on the number of low-income households that participated in this step.

2 You must complete and send your APPLICATION FORM TO THE PROGRAM SUPPLEMENT - LOW INCOME HOUSEHOLD (FORM 1) before the start of work related to energy efficiency program in which you participate. The start of work is the date of signature of the first contract for the project. Energir reserves the right:

  • to modify the program or to terminate it without notice;
  • to interpret the terms of the program;
  • to limit the number of projects when the budget reserved for the program is exhausted.