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Grants for hotels

Improve your hotel's energy performance and budget

Choose natural gas to keep your clients comfortable and satisfied in order to build loyalty. Natural gas can serve your entire hotel complex while helping you keep your budget in check. Find out the wide range of grants offered by Énergir.

Grants available

Grants are available if you choose equipment with a high energy-efficiency rating and/or adopt energy-saving measures.

Hotel - Grants for highg-efficiency equipment

Consume less, spend less

Opt for high-efficiency equipment and appliances. Not only will it reduce your energy consumption, it could also make you eligible for additional grants. Check the following equipment to find out what grants are available.

Hotel - Energy efficiency measures

Even more efficiency

Benefit from Énergir grants specifically designed to make it easier for you to implement energy-efficiency measures, thus optimizing the way you use natural gas. Browse programs below to learn about the available grants.

Looking for a grant?

An Énergir expert will guide you through the simple process and help find the grants for which you are eligible

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* In order to qualify for this grant, you must contractually commit with Énergir or an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner prior to your appliances’ installation. The total grant amount must not exceed admissible amounts. The grants are not available for houses with a heat-pump or with a dual energy heating system, and the house can not be part of a new housing construction. Some restrictions apply. The conditions of the program and the amount of the grants are subject to change without notice.