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Energy efficiency program - Renewable energy

Solar Preheating

Énergir is offering a grant to encourage the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system for space heating or processes and preheating water. By preheating the air or water supply, significant savings can be achieved on natural gas consumption. Highly efficient, these systems use free and renewable energy and help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Énergir offers a grant to encourage the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system for space heating or process heating and water preheating.

Channel the heat of the sun to save money!

Solar thermal technologies are a great way to reduce your energy costs, especially if your company runs over long time periods and has significant air or water preheating needs.

To maximize your savings, it is important to properly position the solar collectors to avoid the shade and capture as much sun as possible.

Grant - Solar Preheating

Receive up to $200,000

The grant provided by Énergir for the solar air or water preheating program can reach up to $200,000. Énergir will pay $3 per cubic metre of natural gas saved toward the purchase and installation of a solar thermal collector connected to a natural gas equipment.¹

Eligible solar thermal collectors list (PDF)

Who is this grant for?
  1. Natural gas is the primary energy source used to heat the project building.
  2. You are or will become an Énergir customer.
  3. You work in the business, institutional, multi-unit property (4 or more units) or industrial sector.
How to get the grant?
  1. Refer to the current Participant Guide for detailed information on the program.
  2. Submit your admissibility request, RETScreen simulation files and the detailed schematics of the solar preheating system to [email protected] for analysis.
  3. You will receive an admissibility or refusal memo from Énergir.
  4. Purchase and install the solar preheating system, then send us your supporting documentation and the request for payment.
  5. Receive your grant.
Current documentation

Current Participant's Guide

List of eligible solar thermal collectors

Forms - Solar air preheating project

Forms - Solar water preheating project


Visit the Natural Resources Canada website to learn more about RETScreen.

Previous documentation

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Air Transat

In 2015, Air Transat installed a solar wall on its maintenance hangar located near the Montréal-Trudeau airport, thanks to a Solar Preheating Grant under Énergir’s Energy Efficiency Program – Renewable Energy. After four winters of use, this solar air preheating device has not only reduced the energy bill, it has also amortized the acquisition cost

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Renewal natural gas: your decarbonization ally

Once your energy-efficiency measures are in place, you can replace your natural gas consumption with renewable natural gas.

RNG is 100% renewably sourced energy that reduces your GHG emissions without your needing to change equipment.

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1- Conditions apply. Requests for financial assistance for a solar preheating project must be submitted to Énergir before the work begins and accompanied by the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (FORM 1). For all of the eligibility criteria for this program, see the participant's guide. Program subject to change without notice.