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What if we could heat better with less?

At Énergir, we believe that saving energy is good for you, for us and for the planet. That's why we are putting all our efforts into helping our customers consume better and less, through energy efficiency programs designed to enable them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and their bill.

Taking action together for a better future

Encouraging our customers to cut down on energy is not something new for us. Since 2001, we have helped customers with over 130,000 energy efficiency projects that have helped keep more than one million tonnes of GHGs from being released into the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to 250,000 fewer cars on our roads. But we’re not stopping there: by 2030, Énergir will have helped its customers to double this result.

Concrete projects

Discover two of our customers who have implemented energy efficiency projects with the aim of reducing their consumption of energy, their bills and their greenhouse gas emissions.

Levis College

Refurbishing a heating system in a 165 year old building is not an easy thing to do. But with the right support, the heat production and distribution system were completely redesigned and generate savings: 32% less energy than before and 31% reduction in GHG emissions.

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City of Quebec

Heating large spaces can often involve a great deal of energy loss. When building the Parc Chauveau indoor soccer complex, the goal was clear—ensure efficient heating and ventilation, excellent air quality, and especially a comfortable environment for the players, without overheating them.

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Time for action

Learn how you can also reduce your consumption and your energy bill.

Easy steps you can take to lower your consumption without sacrificing comfort

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Concrete measures to reduce your carbon footprint if you own a business

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Energy efficiency is also for SMEs

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Change is possible, now

Energy efficiency is a sure and proven way to fight climate change, but there are others. Énergir also focuses on developing the natural gas industry to further leverage the benefits of a renewable energy.

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