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Requests for donations and sponsorships

Énergir is an active company in the different communities which for many years has invested in them through donations and sponsorships amongst other things. The organizations and sponsored events that Énergir associates with must be aligned with its mission, vision and values. In choosing its sponsorship investments and donations, Énergir is mindful about contributing to the community, and its commitment to sustainable development.


In order for a request for a donation or a sponsorship event to be considered by Énergir, it must respect certain fundamental acceptance criteria. Any request that does not respect these criteria will therefore be automatically declined by Énergir. To learn more on the criteria and the activity sectors given precedence, please read our community investment policy , our directive on awarding donations and our sponsored partnership program .

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All requests must be made via the online form below so as to optimize processing and give a thought for the environment. Requests made by phone, email, mail or fax will not be considered by Énergir. A minimum delay of 8 to 12 weeks must be expected for receiving a response.

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