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The Jeffery Hale Hospital converts to natural gas and contributes to reducing GHGs in Quebec

February 22, 2011 - Press releases

Montreal, February 22, 2011 –  In order to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and its energy costs, the Jeffery Hale Hospital decided to replace its obsolete heavy fuel oil equipment by high energy efficiency natural gas appliances.

A significant 31% reduction in greenhouse gases

By converting its heating mode from heavy fuel oil to natural gas, the Jeffrey Hale Hospital has not only saved on its heating bill, it has also reduced its GHG emissions by more than 31% and has practically eliminated the atmospheric contaminants linked to the combustion of heavy fuel oil that are responsible for acid rain.

In concrete terms, that's 600 tons of GHGs that will be avoided annually, which is equivalent to permanently removing about 150 cars from the road.

“For us, reducing our GHGs was an important priority when it came time to replace our heating equipment,” said John Haberlin, Director of Financial & Material Resources at the Jeffery Hale.

Exit heavy oil

While cost savings and GHG reductions may convince many, for others, it's no longer having to maintain heavy fuel oil heating equipment that is the winning argument. In fact, heavy fuel oil is a residue from petroleum products that has a very thick consistency. The liquid is so viscous that the tanks have to be permanently heated so the oil can be burned in a boiler... a very inefficient process in this era of energy savings.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is a clean fuel: no soot, no dark smoke. Most of all, customers no longer have to worry about maintaining and refilling the tank. The underground natural gas network ensures a continuous and secure supply.

Average savings of $25,000 a year

Thanks to Énergir's Energy Efficiency Programs and the Consumption Rebate Program, the Jeffery Hale was able to benefit from significant financial assistance which facilitated amortizing the investments related to the high energy efficiency natural gas appliances.  

“Natural gas is the least expensive energy in all markets for heating. Based on the average prices of heavy fuel oil and natural gas in 2010, the conversion from oil to gas could save the hospital up to $25,000 a year,” added Patrick Mekhaël, Sales Manager, Major Accounts, at Énergir.

About the Jeffery Hale

The Jeffery Hale Hospital is a public institution which offers a wide variety of primary health care services to the population of the National Capital Region (Greater Quebec City Area). The hospital operates a residential and long-term care center (CHSLD), with complementary missions for hospital center services, and also offers community (CLSC-type) services in English.

Overview of Energir

With over $3.6 billion in assets, Énergir is Quebec's leading natural gas distributor. Operating in this regulated industry for over 50 years, Énergir has become the trusted energy provider to more than 180,000 customers in Quebec and 135,000 customers in Vermont while developing the skills and expertise needed to diversify beyond natural gas. In line with its prudent growth strategy, Énergir is present in the electricity distribution market in Vermont and in the development of wind power projects in Quebec. Showing a competitive spirit, Énergir is committed to its customers, Partners, employees and the community.

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