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New connections to Énergir’ s network are now 100% renewable

Since April 1, Énergir has reached an important milestone in the implementation of its decarbonization initiatives: all new residential, commercial or institutional customers wishing to connect to its network for the first time must be powered by 100% renewable energy. They will have to opt for dual energy-renewable natural gas (RNG) or RNG, two solutions that are both accessible and economically competitive for many types of building.

After several months of effort and multiple steps to bring this innovative offer to fruition, Énergir is pleased to be able to move forward with this initiative. This adjustment was necessary to guide our customers with concrete measures to encourage them to decarbonize, rather than favouring the addition of further volumes of fossil natural gas.
Énergir believes that this initiative reinforces the company's relevance as a key player in the decarbonization of Québec, and demonstrates the seriousness of its efforts to achieve its GHG reduction targets. The company is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in the buildings it serves by 2040 and in the energy it distributes by 2050.
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