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Update from Énergir regarding the incident on highway 116 at Saint-Basile-le-Grand

July 6, 2017 - Press releases

Montreal, July 6, 2017 Following a natural gas leak from its network in the Saint-Basile-le-Grand sector, near route 116, Gaz Métro wishes to provide an update on the situation.
The cause of the incident remains unknown. As a precautionary measure, the fire department has closed highway 116 in both directions. Train service is currently interrupted. The duration of these hindrances to road and train service is not yet determined. Our teams are currently working with the fire department on a plan that would allow them to authorize the resumption of train service and the re-opening of route 116.

We assure you that our teams are mobilized and that we are collaborating closely with the fire department, railway companies and the authorities in order to identify the appropriate solutions and to restore the situation as rapidly as possible.

The duration of the work necessary to restore the situation is not yet established. Various scenarios for our interventions are currently being put forward to minimize the possible impacts on the community and our clients. Bear in mind that these interventions must be carried out in several steps, in the proper order, which is why they take time. Our priority is the security of people and the reduction of impacts on citizens.

Our teams are actively working to restore the situation. We are also doing our utmost to keep the public informed, as we obtain useful information on the next steps in this process. For these reasons, the business hours of our customer service office will be extended to 9 pm today. We also invite you to visit our Web site as well as our Twitter feed.



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