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Terms of use

The following trademark, ''Énergir'' (the ''Trademark''), are the property of Énergir, LP.

I agree not to use, download, redistribute, display, broadcast, publish, copy (in any medium whatsoever) or reproduce the Trademarks without the prior written authorization from Énergir with the exception of use for non-commercialeducational purposes and in accordance with the trademark user's guide. The request for prior authorization from Énergir for purposes other than those non-commercial educational may be sent to [email protected].

I also agree:

  • not to modify, alter, distort, in whole or in part, in any manner whatsoever the Trademarks; and
  • not to use the Trademarks in any way that is detrimental or likely to be detrimental to Énergir's image or reputation.

The permission granted herein applies only to the Trademarks specified above. No permission is granted herein to use any other trademark that is the property of Énergir.

Énergir makes no representation or warranty as to the Trademarks do not infringe anyone’srights.

Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting, explicitly or implicitly, any license or other right to use any of the Trademarks that are the property of Énergir other than in accordance with the terms stated herein and I may not in turn grant a sub-licence or authorize a third party to use them.