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Cookie policy

Énergir, L.P. (“We”) use various cookies or similar technology on our “Espace Fournisseurs” and “Espace Partenaires” websites (collectively the “Websites”) which are necessary for their proper functioning. If you browse these Websites, these cookies will be installed on your Internet browser.

This Cookies Policy describes how we use these cookies and applies to websites and .

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file, containing information, that is stored on your device (your computer, smart phone, tablet etc.) by a website (on which you connect) and is associated with an Internet domain (i.e. in most cases to all the pages of the same website). This file is automatically resent during subsequent contacts with the same domain. Cookies will help the internet domain, or another internet domain, recognize your device the next time you visit.

We use the term “cookies” in this Policy to refer to all files that collect information in this way.

To learn more: What is a "first-Party" or "third-party" cookie?

The distinction between “third party” cookies and “internal” cookies is technical. When a user visits a website, he consults in practice a “domain” which generally ends with an extension of the .com or .ca type (for example is a domain).

The contents can be transmitted from the domain he is visiting or via other domains that he has not entered himself and which belong to third parties. Indeed, each cookie is associated with a domain and is sent or received each time the browser "calls" this domain. In practice:

  • "Internal" cookies are placed by the website consulted by the user, more precisely on the domain of the site. They can be used for the proper functioning of the website or for other purposes, in particular advertising;
  • “Third-party” cookies are cookies placed on domains other than the one visited by the user. These "third-party" cookies are generally managed by third parties who have been questioned by the website visited and not by the user himself. These cookies may also be necessary for the proper functioning of the website, but they are mainly used to allow the third party to see which pages have been visited on the website in question by a user and to collect information about him/her, in particular for advertising purposes.

Whether cookies are "internal" or "third-party" is a technical distinction that has no bearing on whether or not consent should be sought. In practice, a large majority of "third-party" cookies have purposes that require consent (for example advertising), but one can also find "third-party" cookies that are indeed strictly necessary for a feature expressly requested by the user and therefore exempt from consent. This is the case, for example, of cookies used only for federated authentication (when a single account allows access to several sites).

What are cookies used for?

Cookies do not cause any damage to your device, but make it easier, for example, to remember preferences, to pre-fill certain fields and to adapt the content of our Websites. This data allows the Websites to function properly or to improve the services, in particular according to your interests.

Cookies serve many purposes; they may in particular:

  • be used to store your customer identifier in your Customer space and the display language of the Internet page
  • help us remember your preferences and analyze the operation of our website
  • Improve the functionality or performance of a website

As mentioned, these uses are strictly necessary for the functionalities expressly requested by the user or for the establishment of the communication and therefore exempt from consent.

When you browse our Websites, a banner on cookie management will be displayed informing you that our Websites use cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our Websites.

What necessary cookies are stored by the Websites?

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the Websites. They allow the main services of these websites to function optimally. You can technically block them using your browser settings. However your site experience may be degraded.



Internal/third-party cookie



Espace fournisseur



Cookie generated by Servlet containers (a servlet is used to dynamically create data).

This cookie is used for session management in the portal.


Espace fournisseur



Cookies that provide information on the user session to define the load distribution on different resources (in order to make the overall processing more efficient such as optimizing the response time, for example) and to establish a connection with Énergir's servers.
Citrix Privacy Policy


Espace Partenaires



Control the default display mode (map or list) of the simulations chosen by the user.

1 year

Espace partenaires


Set of cookies (required only) used as standard by the Salesforce Experience Cloud framework.
Experience Cloud Cookies policy

Do third parties use cookies on our website?

We use, or allow third parties to place, cookies that fall into one of the categories listed above.

Supplier Center relies on a third-party cookie from Citrix.

Partner Space relies on third-party cookies from Salesforce.

What information is collected with cookies?

The following information is collected by means of cookies:

  • your IP address
  • your Internet service provider
  • the day and time of the start and end of your visit
  • your browser language
  • the region or municipality, determined from the IP address
  • your browser type and version
  • the type and version of your operating system
  • the type and model of your device (phone, tablet or computer)
  • the domain of the previous site visited
  • the address of the pages visited on the Énergir website
  • your activities (e.g.: clicking, scrolling the screen) on the Énergir website
  • the point of origin of your visit
  • the type of customers to which you belong (individual, organization)
  • the category of customers to which you belong (e.g. residential, business)
  • the screen resolution of the device you are using

For more details on how we process your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.