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Business and Institutional dual-energy offer (BI)

The Government of Québec (MELCCFP), Hydro-Québec and Énergir are partnering to support customers in their conversion to the dual-energy electricity-natural gas solution, which consumes the right source of energy at the right time and at the lowest cost.

Role of the engineer 

Engineering is required for large and often more complex projects. The engineer’s role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Help the customer choose the best dual-energy solution.
  • Prepare the mechanical systems design.
  • Fill out the ÉcoPerformance form.
  • Complete the commissioning report.

The grants

For the next few months, you will not have access to the grant calculator for the simplified process. When assisting a customer, be sure to contact the Énergir representative for the project street address. Representatives are equipped to use the calculator and will be able to confirm grant amounts for your dual-energy projects.

For custom projects, the Government of Québec will analyze the dual-energy conversion request and determine the grant amounts that will be awarded.

Here are several helpful links to help you with this new offer. If you have any questions, contact our DATECH advisors.

  • Website – Forms and guides for business/institutional dual energy (in French)
  • Normative framework for the ÉcoPerformance Program (in French), in effect since October 3, 2023 (Section 8 – page 45)

Decarbonization Incentive Program (DIP)

At a time when we need to step up initiatives and actions aimed at decarbonizing Québec, a new grant program was introduced on April 1, 2024. The Decarbonization Incentive Program (DIP) is all about GHG reduction and aims to encourage existing Énergir customers to reduce their GHG emissions by opting for our decarbonization solutions:

  • Dual-energy-RNG The DIP could be added to the government grants available to help cover the additional cost of dual-energy equipment. Customers must commit to using dual energy for at least 10 years.
  • RNG: By committing to purchasing RNG to cover a minimum of 5% of their energy consumption for at least 5 years.

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