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Changing Landscapes Require Changing Practices

Guide to Best Practices for Land Use Planning Near the Natural Gas Transmission Network

Why is it important to read this guide?

  • To protect the integrity of the natural gas network, guarantee the safety of all, and maintain a reliable supply of natural gas
  • To have access to tools and solutions for better integration of urban development near the transmission network to make it less vulnerable to breakdowns that could have major consequences
  • To provide information on local and regional planning and regulatory best practices

Download the guide (available in French)

Download a summary of the guide (available in French)

Who is this guide for?

The Land Use Planning Guide is available to all and intended primarily for:

  • Elected officials
  • Urban and regional land use planning professionals, specifically those who work in municipalities, RCMs, agglomerations, and metropolitan communities
  • Landowners
  • Real estate developer
  • Other regional stakeholders

Download the guide (available in French)

New challenge: Urbanization near the transmission network

When Énergir developed and expanded its transmission network (mainly in the 1980s), high-pressure natural gas lines were located in remote areas, mostly on agricultural or forest land.

New developments are now cropping up near the transmission network, which raises the risk of gas pipeline problems.

In light of this changing landscape and the risks involved, practices must change.

Natural gas transmission network

  • More than 800 km of gas transmission network
  • More than 60 Quebec municipalities affected
  • Two types of pipelines (supply and transmission).

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