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Interruptible service

Rate D5 is offered to customers who agree to having their service interrupted. This rate is currently under review by the Régie de l’énergie.

This service is for you if...

... you agree to having your service interrupted
... you have facilities capable of using energy source other than natural gas, or you can go without natural gas for a certain amount of time
... you consume sufficient natural gas to qualify for this tariff

Tariff characteristics and advantages

  • The price varies according to volume
  • Since the service can be interrupted, the price is more advantageous than those for the other distribution services.
  • The price varies according to the size of the projected volume; prices decrease as projected volume increases.
  • In exchange for a commitment to consume a certain minimum annual volume and/or signing a contract for more than one year, the bill can be reduced.
  • Customers can choose between different maximum numbers of interruption days. The number of interruption days directly affects your load profile and, consequently, the price for load-balancing service.
  • Customers can also combine interruptible service with stable service.

Bill components

  • The bill includes an amount that results directly from the application of a unit price to the volume consumed during the billing period.
  • The bill includes, if applicable, an additional amount for volumes withdrawn during interruption periods. This amount can be reduced if Énergir had given prior authorization to the customer to continue withdrawing natural gas.
  • Next, the bill includes a discount based on the customer's commitment to consume a minimum annual volume and on the contractual term.
  • Finally, the bill may include, if applicable, an additional once-a-year amount if consumption turns out to be lower than the agreed upon minimum annual volume.

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