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Energy efficiency

Natural gas is a smart energy choice. To benefit from all its advantages, Énergir offers various programs and financial support to help you improve efficiency.

Most popular programs

Feasibility study and implementation of measures

Provides personalized advice on the implementation of energy efficient measures, such as heat recovery, optimization of a steam network or optimization of heating.
Get a grant of up to $1,000,000

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Recommissioning of buildings

Supports the recommissioning of mechanical systems in buildings to improve energy efficiency and help reduce annual energy consumption.

Get a grant up to $100,000

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Solar air preheating

Helps with the deployment of solar air technology for preheating ventilation air. Potential to increase the outside air temperature by 5°C to 30°C

Get a grant up to $200,000

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All energy efficiency programs

Increased efficiency

With the implementation of an energy efficiency project, you can take advantage of grants to optimize your use of natural gas. To learn more, see the programs below:

Study and implementation
Solar air preheating
New efficient construction
Energy efficient renovations
Energy management system

Purchase and install programs for high efficiency appliances

McGill University opts for energy efficiency

For more than a century, a large part of the McGill University Macdonald Campus has been heated with vapor produced on site and distributed by complex, high-energy consuming installations. By adding two natural gas condensing boilers to help modernize the building, the university received more than $90,000 under the program to promote the implementation of Énergir's energy efficiency measures.

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Your advisor, together with the DATECH Technical Advisor, can guide you in assessing your energy needs.

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