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Rooftop unit, condensing boiler, and unit or infrared heater

Solution suitable for a commercial condo

The solution

This solution suggests heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems similar to those of small office buildings: rooftop units provide air heating or cooling, a condensing boiler efficiently heats the perimeter and a condensing water heater produces hot water. Condensing unit heaters and infrared units heat large spaces, such as warehouses and loading docks.

Optimal solution set-up

1- Rooftop unit

  • Decentralized ventilation system
  • Efficient heating of open air central zones
  • Modulating options

2- Condensing unit heater

  • Very efficient and heats rapidly large surfaces

3- Tankless water heater

  • Requires little space
  • Energy savings ranging from 10 to 40% annually compared to a storage water heater
  • Lifespan that can exceed 20 years

4- Condensing heater

  • Very efficient and heats rapidly large surfaces

Many benefits for you and your customer

For you

  • Recognized technology
  • Easy to install
  • Energy-efficient building

For your customer

  • Efficient heating - optional modulation
  • Competitive operating costs
  • Financial grants

Grants available

Énergir offers substantial grants to smoothly integrate natural gas into your project. Financial assistance is available from energy-efficiency programs and the consumption rebate program. Your sales representative will help you determine the amount to which you are entitled.
Commercial grants

Other options are also possible

These are the solutions we suggest, but many other options are also possible. Talk to

your sales representative—they'll advise you of the best options to meet your energy 


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Equipment rental

Gaz Métro Plus, a subsidiary of Énergir, has a great equipment rental program for your construction projects.

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