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Our grants

Énergir offers a comprehensive line of grants. Find out which ones are a good fit for your business.

A few examples of grants

Smart Thermostat

Designed to optimize your comfort and peace of mind, smart thermostats are an effective way of managing your energy use. The new thermostat is connected to a Wi-Fi network, letting you control your heating and air conditioning system remotely via the Internet or a mobile app.

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    This program is aimed at encouraging renovations that will improve the thermal envelope of buildings to make them more energy efficient and thus reduce your operating costs. 

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      Unit heater

      The ideal solution for areas with high ceilings or frequent air exchange, it’s perfect for warehouses, loading docks and other large areas that need to be heated quickly.

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        Multiply your savings! Take advantage of Énergir’s grants for natural gas boilers – the most effective hot-water heating solution. With its precision, reliability, speed and energy performance, the natural gas hot water boiler helps you improve your building’s performance while reducing your energy bill.

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        Energy efficiency grants

        Énergir can provide you with several grants to help you choose energy efficient solutions for your business.

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