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Regional Multisport Centre

Efficiency - A question of leadership

By coming together to build the Centre multisports régional (known by its French acronym, CMR), the municipalities of Varennes, Sainte-Julie and Saint-Amable not only created the most versatile indoor soccer pitch in Québec, they also set an example for energy efficiency in the sports and leisure sphere.


10 infrared units

1 fresh air intake unit

2 water heaters



for a new efficient construction




Expending energy without spending too much!

With its 90,000 sq.ft. building and 40-foot ceiling, the CMR offers a wide variety of configurations for soccer (3 to 11 pitches at the same time), as well as playing fields for football, baseball, softball, rugby – even bubble soccer. So many ways to use energy – and also to spend on energy!

Besides the significant volume of air to be heated, the CMR has to meet high standards for air recirculation because of the physical activities and also because it mostly operates in winter. Thanks to Énergir’s energy efficiency program, the Régie intermunicipale du CMR has managed to save 88,157 m3 of natural gas per year, equivalent to 166.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“One year after opening, our consumption is exactly what Énergir estimated at the beginning,” says Éric Hervieux, the CMR’s Director General. “And the grant helped us free up the budget for a more efficient lighting system that we would never have been able to afford otherwise.”

An example to follow

“In addition to the savings realized, the program helped the Régie take on a leadership role when it comes to energy efficiency,” Varennes Mayor, Martin Damphousse, says proudly.

“We can’t expect companies and our citizens to save energy and water, to be pro-environment, if we don’t show them by example. They are proud to see us making these choices. It’s all about the future of our community – and of our planet.”

Learn more about the new efficient construction program

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Our citizens are proud to see us making these choices.

Martin Damphousse, Mayor of Varennes