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Énergir: A facilitator for your waste heat recovery projects

What is waste heat recovery?
The recovery of waste heat means using the surplus heat energy released by an exothermal company within its neighbourhood. In Québec, about 40% of the energy currently consumed by major industries is wasted: the potential is immense. Projects facilitating the recovery of this lost heat can generate significant environmental benefits and are strongly encouraged by Québec’s energy transition policies.

Everybody wins!
The re-used heat energy, normally released into the environment, is considered a carbon-neutral energy supply. The principles of a circular economy apply: the rejects from one become the inputs of the other. The exothermal company that gives its heat may obtain additional remuneration, and the company that consumes the heat usually benefits from a rate lower than the market cost. In brief, waste heat recovery projects are a cost-effective solution to the decarbonation of heating systems, and the potential GHG savings that result can be substantial.

Énergir: A facilitator for your projects

The commercial complexity of waste heat recovery projects may be a significant drawback. In effect, several parties have to reach an agreement for a heat distribution infrastructure to see the light of day.

Énergir can play the role of integrator in such projects and can contribute to all the steps in developing the project: design, financing, construction, operation. Recently, several waste heat recovery projects have begun in Québec, for example, for heating greenhouses by a carbon-neutral, accessible and affordable energy. Énergir is actively investing with its customers in developing such projects, which help Énergir contribute to the energy transition.