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Launch of the new Customer Space in December 2020

Énergir introduced a new Customer Space this past December . The new platform replaces the ViGiE system that had been in place for many years, as well as the Cyberaccount for customers who also have accounts which are not major industries.

The new Customer Space features a redesigned look and more intuitive navigation, and is now adapted to mobile devices. Everything you were accused of finding in ViGiE is now available on this new platform, including (where applicable):

  • Current and past invoices
  • Consumption history
  • History interrupt
  • energy imbalance
  • Contract documents
  • Contact and access management

Many of you have submitted testimonials of appreciation or opportunities for improvement since the launch, and we are very pleased with this positive response. Your comments have already prompted us to make a few tweaks to the platform and other changes are coming soon.

Don't hesitate to contact your Sales Major Industries advisor if you have any questions about the new Customer Space.

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