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Request for the abandonment of your natural gas connection

You must submit your request within a MINIMUM OF 20 WORKING DAYS prior to the scheduled date of your work and/or demolition to allow Énergir to carry out their work.

All requests must be signed by the owner of the building.

Any request for connection to the gas system is subject to a cost-benefit analysis by Énergir. If you choose to abandon the connection, fees may be charged if you want to restore access to natural gas.

Before completing this form please note the following

We only collect personal information necessary to disconnect your natural gas connect. For this purpose, we need information in order, namely, to identify and contact you. Your personal information will be treated confidentially, in accordance with applicable legislation.

Subject to applicable legal conditions, Énergir may host your personal information described above with a hosting service provider. This will allow your information to be shared outside the province of Quebec. Government departments and agencies in these countries (as may be the case with the departments and agencies in Quebec) may access your information in accordance with their local laws.

To find out more about  your rights to access and rectify your personal information, you can consult the policy on the protection of personal information.

You can withdraw your consent for the communication or use of the information collected at any time unless this information is required to provide the services you have requested.

Please indicate the reason of your request

Demolition of the building 
Renovation/enlargement of the building 
Will the building be rebuilt?
Will the new construction use natural gas?

Owner's contact information

Contact person other than the owner

Is the service address where the work will be done the same as the owner's 

Otherwise, please indicate all the addresses/units affected by this request:

Type of building
Abandonment of the connection 
Contractual obligation 
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Important notice

Énergir will inform you in writing when the work has been completed. The service line remains operational until you have received written confirmation from Énergir confirming that the work has been completed. If you do any work near the service line, you must take the necessary precautions to protect it from being damaged. Failing to do so may make you liable to Énergir. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Énergir’s customer service.
Remember that the free services of Centre Info-Excavation (514 286-9228 or 1 800 663-9228) can help you get complete information concerning the location of underground structures in work areas.