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Sani-Estrie: the future is now

Some companies lead the way, while others follow. When Sani-Estrie acquired 9 natural gas trucks in 2015, they not only wanted to reduce costs and their environmental footprint—they wanted to help pioneer a movement. And according to their manager, this is only the beginning.


NATURAL GAS FLEET: 2 freightliners, 2 roll-off trucks, and 5 dump trucks ON ROAD: 12 hours a day on average



Serving the environment

“We invested in change because we believe this is the best fuel for the future.”
- Sylvain Gagné, Co-Owner of Sani-Estrie

According to M. Gagné, natural gas technology is mature in Québec, and well established in the United States. It's vehicles are on the road collecting waste in Magog an average of twelve hours a day. Since they work in the environmental field, Sani-Estrie felt it made sense to do something to protect it. Natural gas is appealing for them because it’s cleaner than diesel fuel and municipalities are always looking for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This gives them an edge when they bid for contracts.

A cost-effective choice

Before Sani-Estrie began the switch to natural gas, they consulted several industry players and crunched the numbers. Despite the recent drop in diesel fuel, natural gas prices still looked the best over the long term. Even a major investment, such as a fuelling station, quickly pays for itself. And when you factor in 25% GHG reductions, less black smoke emissions and less noise, it all meant Sani-Estrie trucks could improve residential service.

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We’ve invested in the future with natural gas.

Sylvain Gagné

Co-owner, Sani-Estrie

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