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Request for information for renewable natural gas volumes

Énergir has issued a request for information for renewable natural gas (RNG) producers to increase the quantity of RNG in its gas system.

Since 2019, the Regulation Respecting the Quantity of Renewable Natural Gas to be Delivered by Distributor (c. R -6.01, r.4.3) requires gas distributors to deliver 5% of their RNG volumes for the fiscal year beginning October 2025 and 10% for the fiscal year beginning October 2030.

As a key player in Québec’s energy transition, and in accordance with this regulation, Énergir is pursuing its supply of RNG through this request for information to meet these targets while reducing its GHG emissions.

This request for proposals aims to obtain commitments for volumes up to 100 million cubic meter (3.79 million GJ) annually with deliveries no later than October 1, 2025.

This request for proposals will be carried out in two phases:

  • Bidders will submit their responses to the Request for Information (RFI) by November 10, 2023.
  • Énergir will then invite the selected projects to participate in request for proposals (RFP) that will take place during the winter. The objective is to contract volumes by summer 2024.

Projects targeted by the request for information

This request targets RNG producers:

  • Located in Québec or anywhere in North America
  • Able to commit for first deliveries on October 2025
  • Producing RNG from organic feedstock (farming, landfills, municipalities, industrials, forestry, others)

Filling responses

Project developers are invited to submit their response to the Request for Information (RFI) via email to [email protected] by November 10, 2023, 5 PM EST.
Responses and additional information will be accepted until November 15, 2023, 5 PM EST.

As a reminder: Only selected projects will be invited by Énergir to participate in the second phase of this RFP by submitting a detailed offer in January 2024.


Documents for preparing and presenting a request for information

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Does October 1, 2025 refer to the contracting date with Energir or to the date of injection of RNG into the grid?

The date of October 1st, 2025 refers to the deadline of RNG delivery to Energir. Process milestones are outlined in Section 7 of the Request for Information - RNG Supply document.

Do you want to see a bundled price (attributes + underlying gas) or just the attributes?

The price indicated must be a bundled price, including the physical gas delivery at an identified gas hub, the environmental attributes and the transport to a hub. The map of hubs is presented in Appendix 4 of the Request for Information document.

What do you mean by “steps to promote social acceptability” in the questionnaire?

This step involves determining if you have contacted/talked to the project's stakeholders to ensure their support (or non-opposition) to the project. Stakeholders include the municipality, the gas distributor, environmental groups, neighbors, etc. For example, a Community Engagement Plan could be shared with Énergir to outlined the diffrente stakeholders, the activities already done to engage with the community or the activites planned.

Is it possible to inject RNG on a distribution line that serves other gas utilities, or do producers have to inject RNG on a transmission line (e.g. TCPL, TQM, Nexus GTL)?

The injection site must be physically connected to the North American gas grid. This aspect will be validated in Energir's RNG audit. Energir will take possession of the renewable natural gas at one of the hubs identified in Appendix 4. The hub must be chosen by the bidder.

In the context of this request for information, which models are acceptable for calculating CI?

As part of the RFI, Energir accepts CIs calculated by various models (e.g. California GREET, GHGenius, etc.). In the second phase of the process, the RFP, Energir will wish to obtain a carbon intensity value estimated with the CFR model using OpenLCA.

Would be able to share more information on the hubs where RNG can be nominated?

Energir would prefer deliveries to be made to the following hubs: Empress (Alberta), Enbridge Dawn (Ontario), Enbridge Parkway (Ontario).