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The transportation service involves carrying natural gas through the pipeline from production sites to the territory served by Énergir. The largest distributor is TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TCPL), which owns the pipeline, and TCPL's transportation costs are regulated by the National Energy Board (NEB).

Cost of transportation service

Énergir bills the same transportation costs to its customers that it pays its suppliers. That is why every time TCPL changes its rates, it results in a price change for Énergir customers.

To get the best rate possible for its customers, Énergir must use the transportation capacity that it has with TCPL continuously and uniformly throughout the year. Énergir's wide range of customers and load-balancing tools allow it to balance the daily amount of natural gas it receives from TCPL, despite significant consumption fluctuations between summer and winter.

Under certain conditions, customers with a continuous service rate can also choose to provide their own transportation service. They must negotiate their transportation contract directly with the supplier and manage the delivery of the natural gas to the Énergir network, which will transport it to the customer's premises.

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