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Deposit and payment guarantees

You have some questions about Énergir's credit policy and guidelines for commercial customers? This is the answers to the key questions you may have regarding Énergir's credit requirements and accepted types of guarantees.

Clientele addressed

If you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • you sign a contract to receive natural gas service
  • you move to an address already supplied by natural gas

Énergir's criteria for decisions regarding credit evaluation

The first criterion Énergir uses in its credit evaluation process is the number of years you have been in business under the same legal entity. Here is a table summarizing Énergir's evaluation process.

Number of years in business under the same legal entity: Three years or less

  • Énergir's evaluation: Énergir has based its risk evaluation on a study by the Ministry of Industry and Trade*
  • Decision: Energir will require a deposit

More than three years under the same legal entity

  • Énergir's evaluation: Énergir requires authorization to conduct a banking verification for credit evaluation purposes. In certain cases, financial statements may also be required. Énergir evaluates credit according to generally accepted practices concerning credit: the quality of banking references and financial statements, the payment history with Énergir at your other addresses supplied by natural gas (if applicable), the activity sector and degree of risk.
  • Decision: Énergir may or may not require a deposit following this evaluation.

* Survival rate of businesses in Quebec and transition rate , Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Direction de l'analyse économique, March 2001

Accepted types of deposits

The deposit required by Énergir may take the following forms: a cash payment, a letter of guarantee issued by a financial institution and irrevocable for a three-year period or a surety subject to Énergir's approval.

Amount of deposit

The amount of the deposit required is determined based on an estimate, or the history of the volumes withdrawn at the service address. It shall not exceed the sum of the amounts of the highest two consecutive, historical or estimated, bills during a 12-month period.

Payment of deposit

The deposit must be paid before natural gas service begins. In the event that the natural gas service is already available to the customer at the service address, the payment is required at the due date indicated on the bill in order to ensure continuity of service.

What happens to a financial deposit?

Energir holds your deposit in a trust account. Simple annual interest on the amount of your deposit will be credited to your invoice before January 30 of each year. The interest rate is adjusted annually on January 1st.

Do you have questions?

We invite you to get in touch with our Account management department, who will answer any questions you may have concerning Énergir's credit policy and guidelines for commercial customers.

Account Receivables Department

1717, du Havre Montreal (Quebec) H2K 2X3
Phone: 514 719-8222, outside Montreal 1 888 598-3117
Fax: 514 719-8137
[email protected]

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