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What if we could reap the benefits of our equipment?

Verger Roger Côté

For consumers, apples don't just need to taste good—they need to look good. That's why apple producers take care to wash, brush, polish and dry them before they go to market. For Mario Côté, the results were spotty until the team at his Rougemont orchard started using a dryer powered by natural gas.

Verger Roger Côté received


in grants.

Verger Roger Côté generates each year


fewer GHG compared to using oil.

The apples of our eye

Cleaning apples after they're harvested makes them lose their natural protection, so they must be waxed to retain their goodness until they're displayed in grocery stores. If the wax hasn't dried properly, apples get damp and chalky looking, but natural gas did the job for Mario Côté.

"We can now maintain a constant temperature despite the weather,” this fourth-generation grower proudly said. “That wasn't possible with oil. The crunch: My apples are more beautiful than ever.”

"Clean, cheap and efficient... natural gas is a ripe advantage to pick!"

An investment that pays off quickly

In addition to a dryer, Verger Roger Côté converted the heating in their warehouse to natural gas. Installing four heaters cost $18,510, minus the $8,550 grant obtained with the help of Plomberie Sylvain Lamy, his Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner. One year later, the investment had paid for itself. “Natural gas didn't just improve the quality of my apples—it's more economical, efficient and cleaner than oil.”

Grants available for your business

Take advantage of Energir grants to add or replace natural gas equipment and reduce your energy costs. In addition to offering a better performance, natural gas is cheaper than electricity and fuel-oil.

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