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Case study - Regain Life Center

Since the conversion of the establishment to natural gas, the managers breathe a little better every day. All non-profit organizations must juggle financial considerations and the Center Regain de vie is no exception. To provide services such as listening, support, a community kitchen, food distribution and free drop-in daycare, they have to think about saving money and being energy efficient, but also well-being and safety.

Centre Regain de vie received grants of


Centre Regain de vie's annual savings compared to fuel-oil are


More efficiency, more savings and more time to focus on the Centre's priorities

After assessing the Centre's needs, Gaz Stat, an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner, proposed a solution tailored to the organization. The conversion was done quickly and without impeding the Centre's daily activities. Their first step was to remove the old boiler—installed in 1934—and check the piping. Thanks to a new high-efficiency natural gas boiler , they save $3,000 annually.

This tidy sum has allowed them to purchase an ultrafast commercial dishwasher and two natural gas stoves for the community kitchen. The result is more efficiency, more savings and more time to focus on the Centre's priorities—offering a warm and cozy place where people can feel welcome. Since converting to natural gas, the administrators can breathe easier.

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